Jeannies NEW Features:

She now reads books to you (beta)
Words that rhyme with teeny...
Nicknames for your contacts
Make her smarter


Jeannie just had a BABY!!! It is ... a BEAR!:


Previous Updates:

Read Gmail
S.p.e.l.l difficult names
Android 4.2 JellyBean ready!
Basic correction: "That's not what I said"
Improved hands-free / accessibility
Relationships - I am married to J. ... Call my wife
Better media/headset button integration (doubleclick/longpress)

Good Old Magic

ask for the distance to the moon,
when britney spears was born ... and other simple facts!
say 'call James at home'
say 'text Maria that I love her' to send an SMS
say 'news about Barack Obama'
say 'launch browser' or start any other app
open phone,favorites,recent calls,contacts
set alarm clock by saying 'wake up monday at 8am'
search ebay, amazon, wolfram, wordnet, etc directly.
say 'play music by bach' to listen to your local songs
say 'please repeat that' in case you misheard what I said
ask 'how do I ...' to get a hint for a feature
ask for a quote about love
I read poems to you
say 'what sound does an elephant make' to create some noise
say 'translate what I just said into Spanish' to get instant translation
say 'email that to john doe' to compose a mail with the current content
say 'install adobe reader' or 'update' to get to the marketplace
say 'navigate to Alaska' to get directions to your next destination
say 'open contact john doe' in order to see that contact
say 'remind me to pick up Maria in 30 minutes'
say 'make a video' in order to create a movie
say 'where is berlin center' or 'map of portishead' to see a map
say 'video of snoring cats' to get some visual entertainment
say 'get me a pizza' or 'where is the nearest pharmacy'
say 'record audio' to take voice notes.
say 'image of the sunset' to get a full screen panorama
say 'copy image' or 'paste that' to use the clipboard
say 'show source' to see where the current image or data comes from
save the current image to your sdcard by saying 'save image'
say 'google for yadi yada' in order to search the web
say 'define luck' to listen to a Wikipedia entry
play a game (test)
spell 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'
superstitious superficial things such as your horoscope


Even more features:

System Settings ("enable bluetooth", "set phone password", "show apn preferences", ...)
Voice email: use your friends inbox as message machine
Memory: say something and ask for it later!
Voice paint: say 'paint a forest with trees and rabbits' ...
Image browser ('picture of a rat' ... 'save' ... 'gallery' )
NEXT: calendar ...

change my name to whatever you want by saying 'your name is john doe'
say 'my name is John Doe' to correct your name
say 'twitter that' to broadcast your last message to the world
say 'how is your status' to inquire battery level
say 'images of the ocean' to see multiple pictures
say 'back to homescreen' if you dont want to see images any more
say 'change appearance' once you found a picture that you like.
say 'show me your face' in case you want to get personal
try some dressage: 'when i say SIT you bark like a dog'
say 'speak german' to switch to german language
ask for the square root of pi, the birthday of celebrites, the composers of songs etc
say an url in order to jump to it
say 'next' or 'previous' to navigate to the next item.
or just use your fingers to swipe
say 'close this application' to quit
and some undocumented magic...

PS: Most things can be said in many different ways!

TIP: Use a more natural voice, i.e. Ivona
TIP: Use a headset with microphone to talk to your phone on the go! Google supports voice recognition over Bluetooth not on all devices.

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